Black Mirror Season 3 episode – Hated in the Nation is one of my favourite episode which hooked and bizarre me see the future of Social Media and its influence.

It’s well narrated story with good screenplay. It is simply awesome as well as terrific.

To get into the facts of life……a talent needs recognition.

a skill should be noticed…..a film requires publicity and promotion.

a Business requires strategy and brand building……a Social cause requires visibility for awareness…….a funny video deserves to go viral.

There are many things that can go viral for entertainment and awareness. Not all requires sharing and promotion. All we share matters a lot.

Let it be our location status, the fun with partner or the instant emotions and feelings we share about others. Everything needs social care while posting. There is a thin line, in between private and social life. Ignoring it yields instant likes, shares and popularity, but not help in building the real network of human relationships.

Future world is going to be packed with AI and AR. Others know more about you than yourself.

Future life is going to be excited and abnormal too. Normal life shall become an expensive affair to live……to escape from cameras, trackers and AR devices.

You are noticed, located and tracked. Each move you take is not yours.

So, enjoy the moments before the technology take over you.

Drink, dance, jump, meet, party and do whatever you want before you are controlled by devices.

Hardly…..you might have another half a decade to control your privacy….as AR and AI is getting ready for you……to control.


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