Mackevision – Game of Thrones Season 4 VFX Showreel

Game of Thrones is a great example of showing the power of Visual Effects. Mackevision’s contribution in bringing the natural effects and environment is realistic and convincing. Congratulations Mackevision for a spell bounding showreel. Your showreel inspires.


Eswar Jabba

With over 20 years of experience in the creative industry, I have great expertise in the areas of print, digital, 3d and interactive. I have worked on a wide variety of projects that comprised of visual effects for movies, corporate videos, gaming and virtual reality.


My career started in the Print Media at an Ad Agency in Vijayawada, where I worked with local and national clients to deliver great advertising solutions. Later on, I moved to Hyderabad, and joined the VFX industry.

Over the next 10 years, I helped create vfx for more than 25 films in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi and English. And more importantly, during this period I also got the chance to work on world class movies, tv shows and tv commercials. I later moved into Gaming and Virtual Reality, helping create compelling virtual worlds and games.

I foresee a future where all these individual mediums will merge and unify, offering a holistic experience across various devices and screens.

In 2012, I joined PixelSutra, a creative agency focused on creating great videos, games and interactive experiences. It is here that I think my diverse experience will see its true potential. It’s been a great experience so far and I look forward to scaling to great heights going forward.