Standing at the beginning of one

I like working on various kinds of design projects and always curious to know the way design impact on various kinds of applications. So, i left no stone in picking all the opportunities to enhance my skills. Spent most of my time in learning, working and researching on various design and animation technologies. Neither counted my work hours nor repented on losing weekends and vacations. Each project is a valuable experience for me.

  • Tough projects and tough clients teach us to stay strong.
  • Critical projects showers us abundant knowledge and trouble shooting skills.
  • Working on New Technologies always makes us special and confident.

With lot of curiosity, i continuously research and learn about the new happenings that transforms the future. But, now and then i question myself, Why i am into so many areas and why am i still learning like a kid ? A quick answer comes to my mind – “Confidence”.  Learning always made me confident and it updates me on a constant basis. It always help me dealing clients and colleagues at work.

Spending long hours in work place or learning new technologies never made me sick. It makes me sick, when the project drags my time with a no scope for skill. I always prefer to be surrounded with a work environment which create scope for knowledge and skill. And i am into it. On a daily basis, i am involved in the exciting areas of Research, Conceptualisation, Games, Animation, VFX and Virtual Reality.

Considering work, I like words of Howard Roark from The Fountainhead …..

I have, let’s say, sixty years to live. Most of that time will be spent working. I’ve chosen the work I want to do. If I find no joy in it, then I’m only condemning myself to sixty years of torture. And I can find the joy only if I do my work in the best way possible to me. But the best is a matter of standards—and I set my own standards. I inherit nothing. I stand at the end of no tradition. I may, perhaps, stand at the beginning of one.
Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead