Content is king….Quality is Emperor

Content is king statement is used in one of the presentation done at the beginning of my career.

Being part of a broadband wireless internet solutions company in the year 2000, it’s easily understood that the role of content is going to be critical for the future world of internet. Thanks to my CEO, who introduced us to the world of future, gaming, animation and 3d virtual worlds. When most of my colleagues were expecting their next move in their career, I was excited to see the magic of future internet.

web 1.0 allowed using images and interactive websites

web 2.0 moved ahead with user generated content creation. So, the move in content usage on internet started booming.

Getting started in 2005, youtube made a huge buzz in the world of video and entertainment. India caught the wave after the huge success of kolaveri di song. Since then, all enthusiasts participated in building content for youtube making it 2nd largest search engine by uploading millions of videos related to art, films, cooking, gossips, news, documentaries, learning, funny etc.

Youtube is a case which proved that…….Content is king. Thanks to Google. Youtube is free to use. On the flip side, there are paid channels like netflix, VUDU, amazon prime etc, which are making decent buzz with their exclusive content like breaking bad, madmen, black mirror, etc. Though Youtube has billions of videos, people are still searching for more. Audience preferences are slowly changing towards quality content. Content has viewers and quality content has more scope than viewers. Moving ahead, internet is getting into the palms of people with all ages, genders and kids. It’s the right time to catch the digital wave to rise up with quality.

Let’s take the case study of Dangal movie,

Dangal is a Hindi movie, which is inspired by a real story. It is well received by global audience and made Indians proud by being one of the biggest hit till now. Thanks to Chinese audience who proved that a movie with a right story has no region or nativity barriers. Their contribution and dangal success inspires future film makers as a case study proving that – A good story can break boundaries and a perfect movie win hearts.

We are proud to have an actor like amir khan whose contribution and dedication proved many times that Quality Content is Emperor. Congratulations to Team Dangal. You made it right….I’ll watch Dangal again on netflix. Thanks to internet. It changed the world of Entertainment and Media.

Good to go long way……



Conclusion is the Beginning

The Bahubali series is indeed a rare attempt in Indian Cinema. Never before have we seen a team spending 2 years to lay the ground work and another 5 years to complete the production.


Much of the credit for the success of this dream project owes to the visionary of the production house Arka Media and the veteran filmmaker S.S Rajamouli. If you need a perfect example for “hard work always pays off” don’t look beyond! If you are willing to push your limits anything is possible. There is a good old saying among storytellers. It is not ‘what you say’ but ‘how you say’ that matters. Bahubali just fits perfectly into this golden rule. As such Bahubali is a simple folklore story that is told well. Although he had a big team of technical experts to play with, Rajamouli didn’t forget the basic factor that drives a cinema. The storytelling!

It is important to note that all the technical finesse shaped up perfectly to magnify the essence of the story that is being told. There is a difference between a movie that is made exclusively for VFX and one that uses VFX to strengthen its core content. This is where Bahubali succeeds. The director, the VFX crew and the entire team deserves a huge round of applause for pulling off this mammoth project.

Due to its vast history, India in itself is a land of delightful stories. Just have a look at its history, myths and epics! They will never cease to amaze an individual even a thousand years from now. With the success of Bahubali, we now know that India is capable of delivering such amazing stories in the grandeur that they deserve. This might just be the push Indian cinema needed to adorn its global reach.

In other words……Bahubali Conclusion is just the beginning.