Real Time Rendering – A Big move in 3d Technology

While working with Northgate Technologies in the year 2007, i’m assigned with a 3d virtual world project called naviha. By then, Secondlife is a leading 3d virtual world market, which is an immediate reference for our project. I started researching on existing and upcoming game engines which slowly started shifting their focus from console platforms to casual game market. In the race, as a new entry Unity emerged as the killer with its features and affordability to develop casual games.

As my previous experience is more into media content development, i always see an opportunity with every new software tool and that curiosity lead me to build something for media with the help of RTR (for my convenience, i’m coining the shortcut RTR for Real Time Render word)technology. It ended up making my first video for a Local TV channel. Thanks to my boss for putting faith in me when i assured to deliver a complete 3d promo in just 4 days of it’s tight schedule for telecasting. It’s a great experience for me and my team. Greatness is not because we are part of a pixar movie, digital domain or atleast delivering a quality render. It’s being one of the first and part of a revolutionary technology that is going to redefine 3d technology.


In pursuit, we started a new division in Srushti…….and we did not miss a single tool that had a scope to be part of enhancing the quality of real time render technology Our aim at srushti is to deliver cinematic quality with RTR.

In the go, Unity’s adam shortfall excited me a lot taking RTR into a completely different position.

Within a short gap after adam’s awesomeness, it’s Mill’s – Chevrolet – The Human Race short film that kicked the commercial side of RTR. Unreal made it real. The team at Mill nailed it perfectly.

Super excited, when i watched the recent apple ARKit launch video. It opened doors for real time 3d integration. It’s babysteps transform to giant leaps capturing many markets that are associated with 3d…..stay glued to the technology updates to believe it yourself. There will be a big technology shift. The day is too close where a….

  • vfx supervisor places his 3d character in real time and gets the shot ready for his director instantly. It’s all about sending the final shot to the edit table.
  • get your virtual dresses tailored instantly at the fashion stores.
  • experience an immersive dynamics or engineering class and interact with the best virtual faculties, who can speak, teach, shout and interact in the most realistic approach.
  • land on planets and teleport to the realistic 3d virtual worlds of your choice.
  • do conference with the holographic avatars that are more interactive like actual humans.
  • virtual receptionists guide you to the right person in a giant corporate office.
  • be the real super hero interacting the stunning 3d screens and characters.

Get immersed…..

The once amazing vfx shots of matrix and avatar shall be a designer reference for interface designing and gesture navigation for upcoming 3d worlds and application navigation. Move close to the realistic experience backed by the powerful 3d, haptics and AI… are very near and near to it.

Our team at Srushti foresee building fantastic worlds to the world. Stay tuned to experience something wow.