3d – The new Aladdin Genie Lamp

Let it be amir khan twins role in Dhoom3

or Matrix Reloaded movie amazing fight between Neo and Agent Smith where Agent Smith spawns to hundreds of Smiths that brought goosebumps to the audience in theatres.

Double, triple and multiple roles of a single actor is possible with camera trick, Robotics or with the latest 3d technology that can make unbelievable 3d characters. Sometimes, it’s not possible to make a lion or tiger to act, where the shot requires serious expressions or perfect body language for an animal. Then 3d is the only way to go.

It started with Jurassic Park and there are many such roles in Narnia, Harry Porter series, Lord of the rings etc. that used technology to bring back the extinct characters to life or golam kind of characters that played crucial role for the movie.

List goes on from hollywood movies to tollywood movies that has lot of 3d animals, 3d characters, 3d crowd multiplications etc that elevated the movie experience to an altogether different level.

Another great example is Richard Parker character in Life of Pie movie, which is completely developed in 3d.  Congrats to the award winning Rythm and Hues studio, for the great effort being the 2nd god creating realistic characters using 3d technology.

….what a fun it is.

There are many such case studies in films and TV series that has seamless 3d integration of characters. crowd multiplications and sets which brought great visuals to the world of entertainment. Browse through the link to know more.

We at Srushti VFX wish to see more Richard Parkers and Golams which are the dream characters of the director. Sometimes the real heroes of a story.



Conclusion is the Beginning

The Bahubali series is indeed a rare attempt in Indian Cinema. Never before have we seen a team spending 2 years to lay the ground work and another 5 years to complete the production.


Much of the credit for the success of this dream project owes to the visionary of the production house Arka Media and the veteran filmmaker S.S Rajamouli. If you need a perfect example for “hard work always pays off” don’t look beyond! If you are willing to push your limits anything is possible. There is a good old saying among storytellers. It is not ‘what you say’ but ‘how you say’ that matters. Bahubali just fits perfectly into this golden rule. As such Bahubali is a simple folklore story that is told well. Although he had a big team of technical experts to play with, Rajamouli didn’t forget the basic factor that drives a cinema. The storytelling!

It is important to note that all the technical finesse shaped up perfectly to magnify the essence of the story that is being told. There is a difference between a movie that is made exclusively for VFX and one that uses VFX to strengthen its core content. This is where Bahubali succeeds. The director, the VFX crew and the entire team deserves a huge round of applause for pulling off this mammoth project.

Due to its vast history, India in itself is a land of delightful stories. Just have a look at its history, myths and epics! They will never cease to amaze an individual even a thousand years from now. With the success of Bahubali, we now know that India is capable of delivering such amazing stories in the grandeur that they deserve. This might just be the push Indian cinema needed to adorn its global reach.

In other words……Bahubali Conclusion is just the beginning.

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